“Squid did it again - their designs are just mind blowing.”
— Chay Castello, MoMA NYC

SquidLondon Lookbook

As the proud innovators of the original colour changing rainwear brand we are excited to showcase to you our exciting adults range of umbrellas and raincapes. We design and produce our own range that is sold in museums, art galleries, shops, department stores and online. We also collaborate to produce bespoke designs, for example with the British Museum and Tate.  We are always open to new creative collaborations. 

The inventors behind the colour changing rainwear brand

Squid is the original authentic award winning international colour changing rainwear brand for adults and children. All our products magically change colour in the rain! The idea and inspiration was colourful interaction with the rain, inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock and his incredible colour explosions. We thought: ‘How cool would it be to walk down the street, it starts to rain and your clothes change colour?!” Squid's brand philosophy is to bring colour into everyday life and brighten up grey and rainy days.

A selection of SquidLondon's stockists:

SquidLondon stockists

Colour Changing Couture Collection

`The Opera Icons' couture collection was a real walking piece of art. Squid was extremely proud to collaborate and create such beautiful hand made pieces. Below is a fabulous film where you will see the whole collection in all its glory. 

Our couture collection inspired us to make a ready to wear colour changing rain cape. One that would fit in a handbag or backpack, accessible at any time the weather suddenly turned. The `Romeo Raincape' was born from the Opera Icons collection, still full of dramatic charm but made for every day ease.


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