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SquidLondon for the British Museum
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British Museum SquidarellaBritish Museum SquidLondonBritishMuseum_foldable_Detail_TowerBridge_SquidLondon7x7BritishMuseum_foldable_Detail_RedBus_SquidLondon7x7BritishMuseum_foldable_Detail_logo_SquidLondon7x7BritishMuseum_foldable_Detail_temple_SquidLondon7x7BritishMuseum_foldable_Detail_BigBen_SquidLondon7x7BritishMuseum_foldable_Wet_SquidLondon7x7BritishMuseum_foldable_Packaging_SquidLondon7x7BritishMuseum_foldable_Dry_SquidLondon7x7

SquidLondon for the British Museum

This British Museum London Icons umbrella was designed and produced by SquidLondon. You can see the evident inspiration of Norman Fosters Great Court. As the Great Court gets wet four London Icons; Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Red Buses and the pediment of the British Museum appear along with flashes of the blue sky that can be seen when looking up and through the Great Court.

Available exclusively through The British Museum website and their art shops - follow link here



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Product Details

Foldable umbrella Length: 28cm Width:5.8cm Weight: 300gramm Frame: Metal Handle: Soft rubber handle and loop Windproof mechanism Care instruction: Please take good care of the Squidarella, unravel panels carefully before opening, dry before closing, windproof mechanism, always put the Squidarella back into its cover bag

Delivery Info

For delivery infos, please check the British Museum's online shop. The London Icon Squidarella is exclusive to the British Museum and shipped directly from their site.