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Bird Squit Squidarella
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Bird Squit Squidarella

Supposedly it’s good luck when a pigeon poops on you – well our Bird Squit Squidarella not only brings luck but even changes colour!

The ideal gift for friends, family and colleagues.This wonderful Bird Squit Squidarella brightens up any gloomy wet day….

As soon as the rain hits the panels this monochromatic umbrella bursts into colour. Interacting with the rain to create a walking piece of art….

Check out the short film clip (on the left)  we made in Trafalgar Square - we hope you like it!




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Product Details

Foldable umbrella Length: 28cm Width:5.8cm Weight: 300gramm Frame: Metal Handle: Soft rubber handle and loop Windproof mechanism Care instruction: Please take good care of the Squidarella, unravel panels carefully before opening, dry before closing, windproof mechanism, always put the Squidarella back into its cover bag

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