Hosted by Lisa Smosarski, Chief Editor of the GORGEOUS Stylist magazine and joined by an all-women cast of inventors, the event we were at last night really put a lid on the Jimmy Neutrons and Alexander Bells of the genius world!

Sitting (stylishly) on the panel were Sophie Cornish, co-founder of and Stylist’s business ambassador, Mandy Haberman, inventor of the Anywayup® cup, creator of the Swimovate watch Lisa Irlam and intellectual property rights expert Suzy Schmitz. Intimidating, right?

They were in fact super nice, and approachable, which made them all the more inspiring during question time and some networking. Lots to think about here at the Squid office! As an aside, the champagne was also a pleasant treat! x

P.S We were in Stylist Magazine last week Issue 90 …!